Play as you learn

    Childhood is not a race to see how quickly a child can learn to hold a book or a pencil and learn to read and write. Childhood is a small window of time where each child learns and develops skills at his own pace.

    Graded DIY worksheets

    Simple, colourful, step by step instructional DIY worksheets are easily to follow.

    Basic grammar

    Worksheets help them to grasp the basic grammar and rules for the Hindi Language.

    Comprehension n pronunciation

    Children are encouraged to read, pronounce the words loudly.

    Writing skills

    Once children overcome the hesitation and fear of language, writing skills develop.

    BalRachna - Play As You Learn

    Why Choose Us ?

    BalRachna - Why Choose Us?

    Why we are the best

    Intellectual development is impossible without language. We are able to communicate in any language, but creative self-expression is possible only in one's own mother tongue. All the languages are beautiful but before a child learns other languages, he/she must learn to love what is their own….. mother tongue, which is most easy to learn. Full proficiency or mastery can be achieved in one's own mother tongue. This site is to help children to learn Hindi in easy way.

    BalRachna - Why Choose Us?

    Practice Of Elocution

    Popular Hindi poems by famous poets, in Poem section, help to develop the practice of elocution.

    BalRachna - Why Choose Us?

    Concept Maps

    Creative writing topics in the form of concept maps guides them to write independently.

    BalRachna - Why Choose Us?

    Printables Worksheets

    Printables PDF worksheets added to all categories (Alphabets, words, Poems, Creative Writing, Charts, Quiz and Grammar)

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